Vikram For Congress


Vikram is running for New Hampshire’s 2nd congressional district to fix the mess in DC. We need a conservative outsider with business experience to shake things up. The last thing Congress needs is another wishy-washy politician who wants to become a Washington insider. We need real world experience and innovative solutions.

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The uncontrolled flow of people and drugs across our borders is a national security disaster and it is wreaking havoc in American cities. As the son of legal immigrants, Vikram wholeheartedly believes immigration is good for our country. He believes we need a “Tall Wall and a Wide Gate” – a secure border and a welcoming legal immigration system. But the first step must be securing the border.

Enough Is Enough

Runaway inflation is another example of the dysfunction in DC. The politicians printed, borrowed, and spent too much money. We need to stop the out-of-control spending and live within our means. Yes, that means tough choices, but don’t we all do that with our monthly budgets? And we need to cut regulations and unleash the American entrepreneurial energy to develop the industries of the future, here in America. We must acknowledge that we simply can’t do everything. We are overstretched and we must restore American strength at home and abroad.

America First, But Not Alone

The world is in chaos. Wars are raging in Europe and the Middle East and may soon be coming to Asia or Latin America. The unholy alliance of China, Russia, and Iran regularly attacks American interests and needs to be contained. The disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal telegraphed weakness to the world, and soon our enemies were advancing on multiple fronts. “America First, But Not Alone” means steadfastly standing with our allies but not passing out blank checks without accountability. When America is strong, our adversaries take notice; when we are weak, they take advantage.

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Vikram Mansharamani

Vikram Mansharamani is a businessman who has spent his life creating businesses and helping entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies create jobs and grow. The son of two working-class immigrants, Vikram earned scholarships and took out loans to pay for college and graduate school. His mother was a dietician and his father was an auto-mechanic. Vikram’s first job was pumping gas at his father’s gas station. Vikram lives in Lincoln, NH with his wife of 23 years and their two children.

Vikram knows what it takes to grow our economy, fight inflation, and restore American strength on the global stage.

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