Vikram’s Top Issues

Securing the Border & Fixing Immigration

The uncontrolled flow of people and drugs across our borders is a national security disaster and is wreaking havoc across America. As the son of legal immigrants, Vikram believes we need a TALL WALL and WIDE GATE -- a secure border and a welcoming LEGAL immigration system. This simply cannot happen while we have an open border. 

Controlling Spending & Containing Inflation

Career politicians printed, borrowed, and spent too much money, creating inflation that is crushing working families. We need to remember that inflation is a tax on all of us. It’s time to stop the out-of-control spending, repeal the inflation tax, and live within our means.

Restoring American Strength

Vikram believes in “America First, But Not Alone.” We should stand with our allies but not pass out blank checks or aid without accountability or oversight. The unholy alliance of China, Russia, and Iran must be contained. When America is strong, our adversaries take notice; when we are weak, they take advantage.

Promoting US Energy Independence

Vikram believes in an "all of the above" energy approach that reduces our dependence on foreign adversaries for imported resources. The United States is blessed with enormous endowments of cheap, reliable hydrocarbon energy resources that we should develop. Nuclear energy is another source we should actively develop. 

Encouraging Innovation and Supporting Growth

By deregulating and unleashing America's entrepreneurial energy, we can encourage innovation in sectors ranging from cryptocurrency and blockchains to biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Policy should support entrepreneurs and risk-takers who are creating the industries of the future, here in America.