William Morrison comments on Vikram’s OpEd about “Campus Chaos”

William Morrison comments on Vikram’s OpEd about “Campus Chaos”

William Morrison submitted a letter to the editor of the Concord Monitor to comment on Vikram’s opinion piece titled “Campus Chaos and America’s Character.”  The text of the letter, which was published on May 5, is below:


LETTER: Observations on “Campus Chaos”

As a former (30 years) resident of New Hampshire, I would like to comment on Vikram Mansharamani’s recent My Turn. The first half of the piece outlines the current state of affairs on college campuses. The more important part of the piece lies in the second half, where Mr. Mansharamani lays out how we got here. These facts could have been published five years ago and should have been front page material any time since but weren’t, they’ve basically been covered up by the media. The author speaks of DEI and ESG as being a part of a “new religion.” Together with gender identification, DEI and ESG are the backbone of an orthodoxy which now has infected every facet of American life, from our educational institutions (K-12 included), corporate America, mainstream media, the military, and even our federal government.

This “new religion” describes “everyone and everything” as either “oppressor” or “oppressed,” which should strike one as being nothing more than thinly disguised Marxism, a system that puts a few elites in charge of the many. In essence, however, it gives the few (elites) access to power and removes power from the many (us). It is a system which has been tried and failed in the past and must be eliminated in this country. I agree with Mr. Mansharamani, “Enough is enough.” Suspend or expel those students and arrest those non-students participating in these illegal activities on our college campuses. All it takes is courage on the part of the people (us). Hopefully, it’s not too late!

William Morrison

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